The Art of Managing  Covering the five core components of managing, their impact and the importance of monitoring and maintaining them.  See how they not only improve how you manage and the way you manage, discover how it makes your day to day so much easier!

The Benefit of Focus and Common Vision  In today’s world it’s easy to become distracted and loose track of where you, and your company, are going.  In this training you’ll identify common distractions that pull us off course and discover why this happens.  You’ll identify your own personal distractions and create a plan to avoid them in the future and you’ll also discover the importance of creating and holding your vision during day to day activities.  You’ll leave with tools to help you stay on track, hold the vision and create wonderful, positive momentum for you, your team and your company!

Communication Skills – Core  In this topic, you learn effective strategies to support you and your staff through the way you communicate.  Discover the five core obstacles to positive communication, how to avoid them and maximize your communication skill.  You’ll dig deeper, learn how to focus on what message you’re really trying to convey and what you want your staff to really hear.

Creating, Sustaining and Maintaining Teamwork 101  Broadening your understanding of teamwork, learn the key ingredients to continuing your efforts and how to keep your team thriving.  You’ll learn tried and true concepts and leave with a road map on how to maintain the positive path you want.

Create and Sustain Your Day  Not many talk about this so directly.  In this training, you’ll not only learn the importance of daily focus, you’ll learn the impact of planning your day, not so much about “What you do” as “How you are amidst” what you do.  You’ll discover effective concepts and strategies that work in the real world, and make your managing so much easier!

Difficult Conversations Made Easy  Are you or your staff avoiding conversations that need to take place?  Are they letting things build up until things boil over and make a mess?  Learn tools to help make conversations easier and develop new skills and strategies to say what needs to be said in a way that is more receptive.

Managing Staff Having Difficulty  You’ll discover ways to support yourself, and your staff, that are having challenges. You’ll develop and refine skills to not take on and personalize their challenges while supporting them to create the positive changes you, and they, want. Discover the importance of focusing on the behavior and helping them to do the same, all to maximize and increase your chances of being heard and solving the problem.

Mastering Change  Change happens in every organization and can lead to positive or negative results.  In this training, you’ll learn the different responses to change and how to lesson the impact to your staff, and in turn, their productivity.  You’ll learn the indicators of people having difficulty with change and gain new skills in how to maximize their positive potential instead.

Positive Leadership  Successful leadership is the cornerstone to any thriving organization.  This training shares effective methods to stay on the positive track.  Anyone can get caught up in drama, negativity and the many other issues that present themselves in your day to day.  In this training, you’ll discover and learn the benefits of positive perspective, outlook and expectations.

Secrets to Customer Service  You’ll discover tools to help your staff stay focused on your goals and the hidden, often not talked about, benefits to providing exceptional customer service.  Learn how to help them not take customers needs, demands, or even their anxiety level, personally all the while having the customer feel valued and important. You’ll also learn effective tools to help you and your staff manage difficult situations and build loyalty with your customers.  We’ll uncover some of common pitfalls that get in staff’s way and provide you with remedies to help them avoid them in the first place.

The Setup of Perfection  Paul takes a look at “perfection” and how it can cause havoc in your day. From beating yourself up for starting your day five minutes late to how much time you spend getting things “just right”. It will help you be easier with yourself and/or your staff, allow you to get more done and put some of the joy back into your life…and day!

Steps to Becoming a Supervisor  This training provides an overview and introduction to what it takes to become a successful supervisor.  Using these skills, you’ll unlock your leadership potential, learn tools to become an exceptional leader and lead your team.

Success Habits  Successful people create and sustain positive habits. These habits help them work through various challenges that present themselves.  Learn strategies to creating personal success habits and develop skills to work through day to day obstacles that present themselves. You will discover ways to focus your thinking that maximizes “Positive Problem Solving” and discover how the person with the most control over this is you. You’ll learn how the big picture is often the best way of looking at things and develop tools to help you stay focused there when you need.