Attitude and Professionalism in the Workplace  Discover the gift of how our attitudes reflect our thinking and beliefs.  See how it affects professionalism both positively and negatively and learn ways to master both.  Great for shifting our head space towards the end of a long day or after a cumulation of managing issues.

Avoiding the Drama Triangle  Learn the three different positions on the Drama Triangle and see how they try to stir things up at work.  It can be from peers, from upper management or your teams – no one is immune!  In this training, you’ll receive insights about why people make this choice, ways to prevent it and skills to not get involved in the first place.

Building Confidence, Competence and Credibility  Learn effective techniques to create the changes you want in your career and increase your self confidence, capability and as such – your credibility.  Discover new skills in communication, conflict resolution / prevention and setting and achieving your goals. See how to look at “mistakes” in a new way and how focusing on what works – and amplifying these – achieves dramatic, positive results.

Conflict Resolution and Prevention  During this highly interactive and effective training, you’ll learn the underlying motives behind the conflict that you and people on your team, experience.  Discover and use a common and easy language and learn how to use proven tools to manage and work through conflict effectively.

The Gift of Accountability  Discover the common challenges that prevent managers from holding people accountable and learn effective solutions to alleviate them.  You’ll also learn the direct and hidden benefits of this skill and discover what you’re really doing when you set expectations and really follow through so everyone wins!

Gossip Prevention  This focused training teaches you effective tools to eradicate this malicious problem.  You’ll learn the real definition of gossip, why people choose it and are given positive ways of communicating.  Learn tried and true skills to prevent gossip in your work group, discover how to avoid the trap in the first place and clean things up if it’s happening.

Managing and Leading Teams  Learn the nuances of team leadership, including successful strategies, breakdown prevention and team enhancement.  See how to improve participation and support staff to count themselves in.  You’ll discover tried and true methods that work!

Mastering and Leading Change  Change happens in every organization and can lead to positive or negative results.  Participants in this course discover what the different responses are to change, learn the indicators of people having difficulty with change and gain new skills in how to maximize their positive potential instead.

Rekindling the Fire / Burnout Prevention  Motivation, burnout and the relationship our brain, negative thinking and taking on “too much” have in creating this situation.  You’ll learn the common pitfalls managers face and how to avoid them.  You’ll leave invigorated, inspired and able to keep the fire burning!

Successfully Motivate Your Staff  Motivation is the art of inspiring others, directly or indirectly.  This training teaches you the five characteristics that make organizations stand out from others and you’ll learn how to build organizations that inspire and motivate employees.  You’ll also learn how to make positive changes in your work group to build highly motivated and highly productive teams.

Teambuilding 102  Expanding on “Managing and Leading Teams,” this training uncovers personal road blocks in taking your group, staff and company to the next level.  You’ll leave refreshed, inspired and with a plan on how to implement and maintain your new changes.