Aligning your Vision with your Company’s Mission  This is of extreme importance for managers since it’s easy to become frustrated with the day to day tasks of your role.  This training helps you identify what your purpose is, what you value – specifically in your management role – and how to connect these with your company’s mission.  This is an invaluable concept that re-motivates, connects and concretizes what you really do – and why!
The Art of Responding, Not Reacting  When we “react,” we aren’t actually present to what’s really happening.  It’s as if we’re on auto pilot, and in some ways – we are.  This training uncovers the difference between Responding and Reacting, and not only shows why we do that sometimes, it provides ways for you to get out of Reactivity mode and Respond the way you wish you had.

The Big Picture is Amazing  Learn how to remember the big picture amidst day to day problems, which can be challenging at times as a manager.  Here, you’ll learn and use concepts to put things back in perspective and make the “challenges” you’re facing easier.  You’ll learn not only how to do this for yourself, you’ll see how you can do this for your teams as well.

Communication Skills – Enhanced  Discover the true purpose of communication and how it get’s derailed so easily.  Here, you’ll learn the common pitfalls, challenges and obstacles that present themselves in your work environment.  You’ll learn remedies along with prevention approaches and how to move through challenges when they do happen.  Bonus:  Discover your communication style and how to enhance your communication with others.

Emotional Intelligence  Especially for managers:  Learn how to develop self awareness and use this to build and maintain effective relationships with your staff and co-workers.  Discover how to not get so caught up in misunderstandings, how to rethink assumptions and understand different perspectives.

The Four Managing Styles  Discover the four “negative” managing styles and how they show up in our own managing.  Through recognition, you can choose a different, more effective and productive way.  You’ll learn how to use the “positive” managing styles in their place so you, your team and your supervisor can reap the benefits.

Is it You or Is it Me?  We’ve all been there, we get caught up in some drama, a misunderstanding or frustration with someone we manage – sometimes to the point we lose sleep and it just irritates us.  This topic helps you not only recognize when this is happening, sooner, it shows you how to unravel things and get back to your comfortable self.

The Language of Leadership:  Enhancing Your Leadership Potential  You’ll discover the importance of positive communication, the impact it has on leadership and as such, you and your organization.  Through a number of interactive exercises, you’ll develop and refine your skills in using positive speech in your workplace to inspire, motivate and create the changes you want, empowering others along the way.  We’ll unlock some of the pitfalls of framing things negatively and anchor the benefits of knowing how to frame what you want to say in a positive way.  We’ll also look at our internal dialog, the impact it has and provide you with tools to switch things, which benefits everyone.

The Language of Leadership:  What Leaders Talk About   People with a leading mentality tend to be concerned with creating a better tomorrow for their organizations.  When they communicate with their staff, they tend to focus on subjects related to creating that tomorrow rather than on the problems of today. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create a detailed and compelling vision of the desired future of your unit, how to stay optimistic in the face of adversity and how to apply those concepts to a variety of situations.

Mistakes:  What They Really Mean  Discover how this misused and “charged” word not only hampers individual performance, it can cripple a team.  In this training you’ll be shown how to look at mistakes differently, not only to make your day easier, it will improve the performance of your workgroup.  This isn’t about perfection, rather, it’s about knowing that mistakes happen and learning how to focus on how to fix them and move forward.  A powerful training topic the creates deep positive changes.

The Positive Influence of Internal Dialog  We take a look at what we not only tell ourselves, what we listen to in our thinking.  You’ll see the impact and power of “reframing,” confronting negative thoughts and beliefs and telling the positive truth in situations.  The effects not only change you, as a person and as a manager, your workplace environment changes and so do your staff.  A must for anyone wanting to sustain lasting, positive changes!

Rekindling the Fire / Burnout Prevention  In managing, it’s easy to push ourselves too far.  Here, we dig and discover the reasons why we forget the passion we once had for what we do in the world.  You’ll discover together and remove obstacles that get in your way, and be provided with long term, active steps to keeping the joy.  You’ll leave with ways not only to refocus, you’ll see how to recharge and not let your battery run so low next time.