All Trainings Are Customized to Your Unique Needs!

For Staff and Teams

Aligning your Vision with your Company’s Mission  This training helps you identify what your purpose and values are, and how to connect these with your company’s mission.  The result is:  Feeling more fulfilled, re-engaged and connects and concretizes what you really do – and why!

The Art of Positivity at Work  In today’s workplace it’s easy to be brought down by the negative, be it in people or situations.  In this training you’ll discover how to avoid these setbacks and how to support others to do the same.  You’ll discover the drivers of negativity and how to keep your focus on a positive track amidst whatever is happening.

The Big Picture is Amazing  With all the change and stress in todays world, it’s easy for us to get caught up in problems… things that aren’t working.  This topic shares how to remember the big picture amidst day to day problems.  You’ll learn, and use, concepts to put things back in perspective and make the “challenges” you’re facing easier.  You’ll learn not only how to do this for yourself, you’ll see how you can do this for your teams as well.

Building Confidence, Competence and Credibility  Learn effective techniques to create the changes you want in your career and increase your self confidence, capability and as such – your credibility.  Discover new skills in communication, conflict resolution / prevention and setting and achieving your goals. See how to look at “mistakes” in a new way and how focusing on what works – and amplifying these – achieves dramatic, positive results.

Communication Skills  You’ll see the real purpose of communication and why it get’s derailed so easily. You’ll learn the common pitfalls, challenges and obstacles that present themselves in your work environment.  You’ll learn remedies, along with prevention approaches, and how to move through challenges when they do happen.  Bonus:  Discover your communication style and how to enhance your communication with others.

The Importance of Self Care  Are you stressed out? Learn that it’s okay to take time for yourself. Find effective ways to reduce stress, get more done and increase the joy in your life. Learn how to not take other people’s challenges, emotions or reactions personally and create more space for you!

Managing Job Stress  In these times of doing more with less, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and burn out. Often the boundaries between work, home and client’s can blur, adding even more stress and our environment and culture can also contribute to the problem. In this training, you’ll learn concepts to enhance your management of stress and avoid burning out in today’s world.

Mastering Change  Change happens in every organization and can lead to positive or negative results. With this topic, you’ll learn what the different responses are to change.  You’ll see the indicators of people having difficulty with change, and gain new skills in how to maximize your positive potential instead.

Rekindling the Fire / Burnout Prevention  In these times, it’s easy to push ourselves too far.  Here, we dig and discover the reasons why we forget the passion we once had for what we do in the world.  You’ll discover and remove obstacles that get in your way, and be provided with long term, active steps to keeping the joy you once had, the passion for your work.  

For Managers and Leadership

The Gift of Accountability  Discover the common challenges that prevent managers from holding people accountable and learn effective solutions to alleviate them.  You’ll also learn the direct and hidden benefits of this skill and discover what you’re really doing when you set expectations and really follow through so everyone wins!

Gossip Prevention  This focused training teaches you effective tools to eradicate this malicious problem.  You’ll learn the real definition of gossip, why people choose it and are given positive ways of communicating.  Learn tried and true skills to prevent gossip in your work group, discover how to avoid the trap in the first place and clean things up if it’s happening.

The Language of Leadership  You’ll discover the importance of positive communication, the impact it has in leadership and as such, you and your organization.  Through a number of interactive exercises, you’ll develop and refine your skills in using positive speech in your workplace to inspire, motivate and create the changes you want, empowering others along the way. 

We’ll unlock some of the pitfalls of framing things negatively and anchor the benefits of knowing how to frame what you want to say in a positive way.  We’ll also look at our internal dialog, the impact it has and provide you with tools to switch things, which benefits everyone. 

You’ll also learn how to create a detailed and compelling vision of the desired future of your unit, how to stay optimistic in the face of adversity and how to apply those concepts to a variety of situations.

Teambuilding  This training uncovers personal road blocks in taking your group, staff and company to the next level.  You’ll leave refreshed, inspired, and with a plan on how to implement and maintain your new changes.