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“Paul’s presentation style is truthful and uplifting.  I valued learning how to think about my own triggers so that I can focus on the positive. I also learned how employees have to change from within themselves. I plan to focus on employees positive strengths.”

Sabrina Miller
Yakama Nation Head Start

“Paul was direct and tender to the topics. I valued the idea of seeing an outcome positively rather than dwelling on just the negative. Paul is moving. He cares about you, your train of thought and it’s inspiring.”

Candace Sefo
SSAEYC Regional Tapestry Conference

I’ve been privileged to travel all over the United States to speak, inspire change, and support our people, our government and companies.

Work with Paul

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Participants and agencies I’ve worked with are so diverse, and it’s wonderful to see how the concepts I share work in any environment…

Listen, Your Life is Calling – The Journey Home

By Paul Figueroa

Brian has everything he wants in life, or so he thinks. Over the span of one week, his life changes dramatically, forever. Join Brian on his path of self discovery as he discovers who he really is, and isn’t, in this compelling and wisdom filled novel.

over 25 years of speaking engagements

“Paul is relatable and had very good information because he has “been there” and “done that” for the situations he presents on. I valued knowing that I am a leader, but I have to believe in myself now. Paul is OUTSTANDING!”

-Daisy Frank

Listen, Your Life is Calling – The Journey to Purpose

By Paul Figueroa

Brian has discovered who is in “The Journey Home.” Now, join Brian as he discovers his purpose, why he’s here and discovers, even more deeply, who he really is.