In line with recent events, I believe I can be of service.

I’m proud to have been working for over 20 years with people, companies, agencies and organizations to support them to lead happier, more peaceful lives.  Thus, my company name – Peace Enforcement LLC.

Prior to my current speaking career, I served for over 12 years in law enforcement.  While there, I spent time working as Reactive Patrol officer, a Burglary / Theft Detective, a Proactive/ Street Narcotics Detective and for over five years I served as a Street Gang Detective.

Having this background and expertise, I created the Peace Enforcement Curriculum, and I use it in all the trainings I provide.  I share multiple concepts and effective tools and often hear how “Real World,” and “Effective” they are.

There’s more.  The trainings I offer not only help people navigate through conflict and challenges with others,  the participants increase their own self awareness, which is key.

They support people to :

      • Resolve Conflict.
      • Communicate Safely and Effectively.
      • To Identify their own Triggers and to DeEscalate both themselves, and others.

Below are links to several ways I might be of service, in Law Enforcement, Communities or anywhere there are people.

Verbal DeEscalation and Self Trigger Identification  In this training, participants learn how to identify conflict, support people through challenging situations and to shift out of their anger. You’ll also identify personal triggers within yourself and manage those triggers while in conflict. You’ll learn the best strategy for resolution, practice your new skills and see how to stay “separate” from what’s happening in front of you. This is an excellent training for those dealing with conflict at work or with the clients and / or people they serve.

Helping Challenging People  Especially  in our current circumstances, clients can be rude, distrustful, and at times overly aggressive and potentially dangerous.  In this training, participants learn how to distinguish between someone who is truly a difficult customer, someone that is perceived as difficult due to our misperception, bias or cultural differences and the basics for dealing with the aggressive and potentially dangerous.

Conflict Resolution and Prevention  Using concepts I developed as a result of my 12 year police career, participants learn the underlying motives behind conflict. You learn a common and easy language and are taught proven tools to manage and work through conflict effectively.  As with all my trainings, this is highly interactive and chocked full of effective techniques and approaches.

The Art of Responding – Not Reacting  “Reactivity” is one of the main causes of team breakdown; it can be visible, internalized within the individual or team or happen behind the scenes.  This training supports teams to be more aware of when they are triggered, when they aren’t thinking clearly and are merely reacting from past experiences.  They self identify these patterns, develop prevention skills and implement ways to stay on track.

Civility in the Workplace  Through the art of “self-reflection, participants discover the positive impact it has on the workplace. They discover ways to improve their listening, reduce their defensiveness and look for “facts” during conversations all the time avoiding labeling another. They discover the common barriers to listening and receive effective tools to minimize and/or alleviate them.

Communication Skills – Enhanced  Discover the true purpose of communication and how it get’s derailed so easily. Here, you’ll learn the common pitfalls, challenges and obstacles that present themselves in your work environment. You’ll learn remedies along with prevention approaches and how to move through challenges when they do happen.

Feel free to email me at the “Email me now” button on top of website, or don’t hesitate to give me a call at 206-650-5364.

(If it’s helpful, I have a standing contract with both the State of Washington (DES) and the State of Arizona to provide trainings for their state, government, and public sector employees, leadership and management.)


Paul Figueroa
Peace Enforcement LLC