Alleviating Burnout  In these times, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with your job and burn out. Paul shares ways of changing your perspective, managing time and getting you – and/or your staff – back on track.

Aligning your Vision to your Company’s Mission  In this new Millennium it’s vital to foster a sense of purpose for your staff, they want to belong to something and know how they fit.  This training helps them identify what their purpose is, what they value in their work life and how to connect these with the company’s mission.  This process not only improves employee retention, it improves morale and productivity!

The Art of Positivity at Work  In today’s workplace it’s easy to be brought down by the negative, be it in people or situations.  In this training you’ll discover how to avoid these setbacks and how to support others to do the same.  You’ll discover the drivers of negativity and how to keep your focus on a positive track amidst whatever is happening.

The Art of Letting Go and Moving Forward  Some teams have a hard time letting go of past challenges, changes or corrections.  This training shares how to not only recognize when it’s happening, it provides effective tools to support your staff to let go of the past and move forward.  They’ll recognize the behaviors that no longer serve them and look forward to the new!

The Big Picture is Amazing  Discover how to remember the big picture amidst day to day problems. You’ll receive tools to put things in perspective and make the “challenges” you’re facing seem easier. This is great for groups dealing with change, where morale is a problem, you have a negative environment or your staff is getting caught up in things that aren’t working.

Keeping the Fire Burning /Rekindling the Fire  Let’s dig and discover the reason why we forget the passion we once had for what we do in the world. We’ll discover together and remove the obstacles that get in our way, and provide you with long term, active steps to keeping the joy. Receive custom answers to your burning concerns. This is a customized training, tailored towards your specific needs.

Navigating for a Brighter Tomorrow  In this blend of several concepts, your staff becomes aware of things that have been holding them back, that’s been keeping them from embracing change, new ideas or focusing on the positive.  You receive tools, tips and actually see the benefits of changing your perspective.  Your entire staff and company benefits!

Oops, I Forgot – The Art of Reclaiming the Power and Passion of Why You Signed Up.  Remember the joy you had when you first started working with kids? The real reason you decided to do what you do? The feeling in your heart when you knew you were on the right track? Let’s find it again, rekindle it and get things back on track.

Out with the Negative  Have you noticed how negativity get’s more negativity? In this training, you’ll learn tools to identify and remove the negative that get’s in our way. Discover how our minds end up in weird and often non-productive places and receive tools to stay focused on what you want. Develop skills to a happier and more productive day… and life!

Overcoming Obstacles  We all have obstacles to achieving what we want. It may be happiness, a current project, friendships, coworkers – you name it. In this training you’ll learn how to identify the underlying causes of these obstacles and what they mean to you. You’ll see how some obstacles are self imposed, while others aren’t, and you’ll receive tools to help you work through them. Come prepared to have fun and to create lasting positive change in your life!

ReFocus, ReCharge and ReEnergize  This is a focused training providing effective strategies to help your staff regain the clarity they wants had.  It helps them let go of past mistakes, provides ways to support them to take care of themselves which actually improves their performance.  Your group will leave with a re-inspired focus and ways to keep it moving for years to come!