The Art of Flexibility  You’ll learn how to be flexible, be a team player and still get what you need. Discover the importance of looking at the big picture and how to support yourself, and others, to not feel like you’re overlooked. It’s about advocacy while being a team player.

Assertive Communication  Participants discover how communication is the fabric of creating a more productive, cohesive and team based work environment. In this training, they learn how to present their message in a positive manner and enhance their abilities to communicate to mangers, supervisors, co-workers, employees and the public.

Building Confidence, Competence, & Credibility  Participants learn effective techniques to create the changes they want and increase their self confidence, capability and as such – their credibility. They discover new skills in communication, conflict resolution / prevention and setting and achieving their goals. Participants discover how to look at “mistakes” in a new way and how focusing on what works – and amplifying these things – achieves dramatic, positive results. Also, they learn how to be more comfortable with trying new things, accepting change and taking on new challenges.

Communication Skills 101  This training covers the fundamentals of communication.  Processes are shared and experienced that show the real purpose of communication.  You’ll discover some of the common pitfalls and challenges that often arise and be able to customize and uncover skills that work for you.

Communication Skills 102  Not just an expansion of 101, this training uncovers the deeper challenges and causes for communication issues.  You’ll learn to self-identify your own patterns and replace them with new, effective and easier ones.  You’ll leave with a greater understanding of yourself, others and how to maximize communication while reducing the amount of effort you put into it.

Goals, Structure, Results and How to Get the Changes You Want  Would you like to make some positive changes in your life? Have you tried and not had any luck? Join us in this training as you remove some of the obstacles that are getting in your way and receive tools to create personal structures that work! We’ll have some fun, you’ll learn some new skills and leave with ways of making the changes you want!

The Importance of Self Care-  Doing More with More!  Are you stressed out? Learn that it’s okay to take time for yourself. Find effective ways to reduce stress, get more done and increase the joy in your life. Learn how to not take other people’s challenges, emotions or reactions personally and create more space for you!

Interpersonal Communication Skills  This training helps participants build positive relationships and improve your organization’s effectiveness. They also master new communication skills, uncover and move through barriers to positive communication and are able to handle difficult situations more effectively. They learn how to communicate with others in a way that supports your own communication style. Paul shares how to increase your proficiency in sharing and listening to others and how to handle face to face contacts more effectively. Results include improved work group cohesion, increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

Language of Leadership – Enhancing Your Leadership Potential  During this training you will discover the importance of positive communication. You’ll develop skills in using positive speech in your work place to inspire, motivate and create the changes you want, empowering others along the way.

Language of Leadership – What Leaders Talk About  Successful leaders are able to engage, inspire and motivate their staff. This course will help you learn and refine your skills to do just that. Learn tools to stay optimistic in the face of adversity, cultivate and develop organizational values, and create a detailed vision of where you’d like to go.

Managing Job Stress  In these times of doing more with less, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and burn out. Often the boundaries between work, home and client’s can blur, adding even more stress and our environment and culture can also contribute to the problem. In this training, you’ll learn concepts to enhance your management of stress and avoid burning out in today’s world.

Mistakes:  The New Outlook  Paul shares how what people often call “mistakes” are really hidden opportunities. Learn how mistakes are to be expected and sometimes applauded – especially when we’re doing something new or a team member is embarking on something they have not done before.  Learn how to be easier with yourself and as a team, too.

Perfecktion with a “K”  Paul takes a look at “perfection” and how it can cause havoc in your day. From beating yourself up for starting your day five minutes late to how much time you spend getting things “just right”. It will help you be easier with yourself and/ or your staff, allow you to get more done and put some of the joy back into your life…and day!

The Power of Internal Dialog  Participants take a look at their own internal dialog, the conversations and thoughts they have with themselves and decide if they really believe what they are thinking. They’ll discover the impact of that dialog and the positive changes they can make by monitoring it and deciding if really believe them. This is a game changer for creating positive changes!

Success Habits  Successful people create and sustain positive habits. These habits help them work through various challenges that present themselves. Participants learn the strategies to creating personal success habits and develop skills to work through ‘day to day’ obstacles that present themselves. You will discover ways to focus your thinking that maximizes “Positive Problem Solving” and discover how the person with the most control over this is you. You’ll learn how the big picture is often the best way of looking at things and develop tools to help you stay focused there when you need.