Alleviating Burnout  In these times, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with your job and burn out. Paul shares ways of changing your perspective, managing time and getting you – and/or your staff – back on track.

The Art of Flexibility  You’ll learn how to be flexible, be a team player and still get what you need. Discover the importance of looking at the big picture and how to support yourself, and others, to not feel like you’re overlooked. It’s about advocacy while being a team player.

Assertive Communication  Participants discover how communication is the fabric of creating a more productive, cohesive and team based work environment. In this training, they learn how to present their message in a positive manner and enhance their abilities to communicate to mangers, supervisors, co-workers, employees and the public.

The Big Picture is Amazing  Discover how to remember the big picture amidst day to day problems. You’ll receive tools to put things in perspective and make the “challenges” you’re facing seem easier. This is great for groups dealing with change, where morale is a problem, you have a negative environment or your staff is getting caught up in things that aren’t working.

Building Confidence, Competence, & Credibility  Participants learn effective techniques to create the changes they want and increase their self confidence, capability and as such – their credibility. They discover new skills in communication, conflict resolution / prevention and setting and achieving their goals. Participants discover how to look at “mistakes” in a new way and how focusing on what works – and amplifying these things – achieves dramatic, positive results. Also, they learn how to be more comfortable with trying new things, accepting change and taking on new challenges.

Bullying Prevention  Giving you tools to recognize, deal with and prevent it. During this training we’ll look at the true definition of bullying, discover ways to recognize it and understand why it happens. You’ll also learn ways to prevent it from happening and what to do when it does – both for the bully and the youngster being picked on. Strategies include supporting the “Victim” to stand up and say “No” from a place of power and how to support the bully to look at the real reason they chose the behavior. You’ll discover the role that self esteem plays in this behavior, how to address bystander mentality and ways to support and help improve the self esteem of those involved.

Civility in the Workplace  Through the art of “self-reflection, participants discover the positive impact it has on the workplace. They discover ways to improve their listening, reduce their defensiveness and look for “facts” during conversations all the time avoiding labeling another. They discover the common barriers to listening and receive effective tools to minimize and/or alleviate them.

Conflict Resolution / Prevention  During this highly interactive and effective training, participants learn the underlying motives behind conflict. You learn a common and easy language and are taught proven tools to manage and work through conflict effectively.

Creating Safety in the Workplace  The feeling of safety is important at work. You’ll learn how to read cues from clients, and others, that may lead to escalation. You’ll also receive tools to help you establish and maintain healthy boundaries for yourself and honor and respect those of others.

Difficult Conversations Are you or your staff avoiding conversations that need to take place? Are they letting things build up until things boil over and make a mess? Learn tools to help make conversations easier and develop new skills and strategies to say what needs to be said in a way that is more receptive.

The Drama Triangle  The trap and solutions. Learn the three different positions on the Drama Triangle and see how they try to stir things up! Receive insights as to why people make this choice, ways to prevent it and skills to not get involved in the first place!

Effective Teamwork and Inclusion  Paul shows the importance of teamwork and the inclusion of other people’s ideas and beliefs. Paul shares concrete ways to improve teamwork in your workplace. He shows ways to support others to “count themselves in”, and you’ll discover the harm exclusion can do. You’ll also see the benefit to the individual, and the group, of including other people’s ideas.

Goals, Structure, Results How to Get the Changes You Want  Would you like to make some positive changes in your life? Have you tried and not had any luck? Join us in this training as you remove some of the obstacles that are getting in your way and receive tools to create personal structures that work! We’ll have some fun, you’ll learn some new skills and leave with ways of making the changes you want!

Gossip Prevention  This focused training teaches your staff and management effective tools to eradicate this malicious problem. Participants learn the real definition of gossip, why people choose it and are given positive ways of communicating. They leave with tried and true skills to prevent gossip and avoid the trap in the first place.

The Importance of Self Care / Doing More with More!  Are you stressed out? Learn that it’s okay to take time for yourself. Find effective ways to reduce stress, get more done and increase the joy in your life. Learn how to not take other people’s challenges, emotions or reactions personally and create more space for you!

Interpersonal Communication Skills  This training helps participants build positive relationships and improve your organization’s effectiveness. They also master new communication skills, uncover and move through barriers to positive communication and are able to handle difficult situations more effectively. They learn how to communicate with others in a way that supports your own communication style. Paul shares how to increase your proficiency in sharing and listening to others and how to handle face to face contacts more effectively. Results include improved work group cohesion, increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

Interpersonal Conflict Management  Discover successful methods of identifying the causes of conflict and learn tools to resolve conflicts in a positive manner. See how communication patterns, attitudes and values impact conflict and apply effective communication skills to reduce the negative effects. Leave with effective tools to manage and prevent conflicts from happening.

Keeping the Fire Burning /Rekindling the Fire  Let’s dig and discover the reason why we forget the passion we once had for what we do in the world. We’ll discover together and remove the obstacles that get in our way, and provide you with long term, active steps to keeping the joy. Receive custom answers to your burning concerns. This is a customized training, tailored towards your specific needs.

Language of Leadership – Enhancing Your Leadership Potential  During this training you will discover the importance of positive communication. You’ll develop skills in using positive speech in your work place to inspire, motivate and create the changes you want, empowering others along the way.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude in Customer Service  You’ll learn the importance, relevance and impact of you “Attitude” and how it relates to providing customer service. Learn some “do’s” and “don’ts” along with some tips and strategies to maintain a positive attitude with most any client!

Managing Job Stress  In these times of doing more with less, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and burn out. Often the boundaries between work, home and client’s can blur, adding even more stress and our environment and culture can also contribute to the problem. In this training, you’ll learn concepts to enhance your management of stress and avoid burning out in today’s world.

Mastering Change  Change happens in every organization and can lead to positive or negative results. Participants in this course discover what the different responses are to change. You’ll see how you can actually choose your response rather than be a victim to the situation. Also, learn the indicators of people having difficulty with change and gain new skills in how to maximize their positive potential instead.

Oops, I Forgot  Reclaiming the power and passion of why you signed up. Remember the joy you had when you first started working with kids? The real reason you decided to do what you do? The feeling in your heart when you knew you were on the right track? Let’s find it again, rekindle it and get things back on track.

Out with the Negative  Have you noticed how negativity get’s more negativity? In this training, you’ll learn tools to identify and remove the negative that get’s in our way. Discover how our minds end up in weird and often non-productive places and receive tools to stay focused on what you want. Develop skills to a happier and more productive day… and life!

Overcoming Obstacles  We all have obstacles to achieving what we want. It may be happiness, a current project, friendships, coworkers – you name it. In this training you’ll learn how to identify the underlying causes of these obstacles and what they mean to you. You’ll see how some obstacles are self imposed, while others aren’t, and you’ll receive tools to help you work through them. Come prepared to have fun and to create lasting positive change in your life!

A Pathway to Success – Moving Through Fear  Paul helps staff and participants move through fear created by these troubled times. He shows ways of doing easy reality checks, how to change your focus to what you want and how to break through and create the abundance and success you want to achieve. Great for individuals, staff and management.

Perfecktion with a “K”  Paul takes a look at “perfection” and how it can cause havoc in your day. From beating yourself up for starting your day five minutes late to how much time you spend getting things “just right”. It will help you be easier with yourself and/ or your staff, allow you to get more done and put some of the joy back into your life…and day!

The Power of Internal Dialog  Participants take a look at their own internal dialog, the conversations and thoughts they have with themselves and decide if they really believe what they are thinking. They’ll discover the impact of that dialog and the positive changes they can make by monitoring it and deciding if really believe them. This is a game changer for creating positive changes!

Secrets to Improving Customer Service Skills  Teaching front-line staff effective communication and people skills is critical to successful customer service. Participants learn how to not take customers needs, demands, or anxiety level personally. Discover how to listen without getting caught up in the drama. Learn ways to let customers know you hear them, to manage difficult situations, build loyalty, stay focused and on track.

Success Habits  Successful people create and sustain positive habits. These habits help them work through various challenges that present themselves. Participants learn the strategies to creating personal success habits and develop skills to work through ‘day to day’ obstacles that present themselves. You will discover ways to focus your thinking that maximizes “Positive Problem Solving” and discover how the person with the most control over this is you. You’ll learn how the big picture is often the best way of looking at things and develop tools to help you stay focused there when you need.

Teambuilding  Improve the ability of your group to work together and to focus on the common goal. Increase their skill in recognizing and not letting common “group” challenges become big problems and provides them with tools and skills to solve these challenges quickly.

Workplace Bullying  Prevention For the person misusing their power and the people working with them. Paul discusses what bullying is and looks at why individuals make this choice, sometimes without realizing it. You’ll receive effective remedies to prevent bullying and help those affected stop the behavior. He also shares ways for individuals to say “No” from a place of power.

Workplace Improvement (Staff and Managers)  Put the fun back in your day! Learn effective strategies to help you not get caught up in the drama some of your staff and co-workers create and experience. You’ll receive effective tools to stay detached, focused on what you need to accomplish, have more fun and make your day more productive.