Bullying Prevention  For the person misusing their power and the people working with them. Paul discusses what bullying is and looks at why individuals make this choice, sometimes without realizing it. You’ll receive effective remedies to prevent bullying and help those affected stop the behavior. He also shares ways for individuals to say “No” from a place of power.

Bullying Prevention – The Workplace Solution  Done with groups affected from prior experiences, they take a broader look of this often misunderstood topic.  In a way that’s open, engaging and inviting, they learn why people sometimes make these poor choices and why others allow it.  Your group, which can include the person having the challenge, is shown ways to move through the prior negative experience and get back to “normal.”

Civility in the Workplace  Through the art of “self-reflection, participants discover the positive impact it has on the workplace. They discover ways to improve their listening, reduce their defensiveness and look for “facts” during conversations all the time avoiding labeling another. They discover the common barriers to listening and receive effective tools to minimize and/or alleviate them.

Creating Safety in the Workplace  The feeling of safety is important at work. You’ll learn how to read cues from clients, and others, that may lead to escalation. You’ll also receive tools to help you establish and maintain healthy boundaries for yourself and honor and respect those of others.

The Drama Triangle  The trap and solutions. Learn the three different positions on the Drama Triangle and see how they try to stir things up! Receive insights as to why people make this choice, ways to prevent it and skills to not get involved in the first place!

Gossip Prevention  This focused training teaches your staff and management effective tools to eradicate this malicious problem. Participants learn the real definition of gossip, why people choose it and are given positive ways of communicating. They leave with tried and true skills to prevent gossip and avoid the trap in the first place.

Emotional Intelligence  In this training, participants learn how to develop self awareness and use this to build and maintain effective relationships. They discover how to not get so caught up in misunderstandings, how to rethink assumptions and understand different perspectives. They will be able to enhance relationships, create a positive influence in the workplace and produce the results you, and they, want.

Workplace Improvement  Put the fun back in your day! Learn effective strategies to help you not get caught up in the drama some of your staff and co-workers create and experience. You’ll receive effective tools to stay detached, focused on what you need to accomplish, have more fun and make your day more productive.