The Art of Responding – Not Reacting  “Reactivity” is one of the main causes of team breakdown; it can be visible, internalized within the individual or team or happen behind the scenes.  This training supports teams to be more aware of when they are triggered, when they aren’t thinking clearly and are merely reacting from past experiences.  They self identify these patterns, develop prevention skills and implement ways to stay on track.

Conflict Resolution and Prevention  During this highly interactive and effective training, participants learn the underlying motives behind conflict. You learn a common and easy language and are taught proven tools to manage and work through conflict effectively.

Difficult Conversations Made Easier  Are you or your staff avoiding conversations that need to take place? Are they letting things build up until things boil over and make a mess? Learn tools to help make conversations easier and develop new skills and strategies to say what needs to be said in a way that is more receptive.

Effective Teamwork and Inclusion  Paul shows the importance of teamwork and the inclusion of other people’s ideas and beliefs. Paul shares concrete ways to improve teamwork in your workplace. He shows ways to support others to “count themselves in”, and you’ll discover the harm exclusion can do. You’ll also see the benefit to the individual, and the group, of including other people’s ideas.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude in Customer Service  You’ll learn the importance, relevance and impact of your “Attitude” and how it relates to providing customer service. Learn some “do’s” and “don’ts” along with some tips and strategies to maintain a positive attitude with most any client.  Everyone wins!

Mastering Change  Change happens in every organization and can lead to positive or negative results. Participants in this course discover what the different responses are to change. You’ll see how you can actually choose your response rather than be a victim to the situation. Also, learn the indicators of people having difficulty with change and gain new skills in how to maximize their positive potential instead.

A Pathway to Success  Paul helps staff and participants move through fear created by these troubled times and in the workplace. He shows ways of doing easy reality checks, how to change your focus to what you want and how to break through and create the abundance and success you want to achieve. Great for individuals, staff and management.

Secrets to Improving Customer Service Skills  Teaching effective communication and people skills is critical to successful customer service. Participants learn how to not take customers needs, demands, or anxiety level personally. Discover how to listen without getting caught up in the drama. Learn ways to let customers know you hear them, to manage difficult situations, build loyalty, stay focused and on track.

Teambuilding  Improve the ability of your group to work together and to focus on the common goal. Increase their skill in recognizing and not letting common “group” challenges become big problems and provides them with tools and skills to solve these challenges quickly.

Working With Difficult People  Did you know you can work with someone even if you don’t like them?  That’s the idea in this training:  How to take are of yourself amidst someone you’re having challenges with.  This not only works for the individual, it helps bond and unify teams having internal “personal” challenges with others.