In this volatile and challenging time we find ourselves in, this truly is a timely and extremely effective training.

Participants learn effective concepts to help them stay calm and peaceful during challenging events, situations and interactions.  This training is highly interactive and the participants use the skills they learn in scenarios during the training.  This is so they can really use them, when, and if the need arises.

Participants learn how to:

      • Identify conflict, both internally and externally
      • Support others to move through challenging situations,
      • Assist others to shift out of their anger.

During the training, they identify their own personal triggers and they increase their own self-awareness, which is key.  This provides them with the ability to stay peaceful during conflict.  They also learn how to manage their own triggers during a conflict, and how to identify and use the best strategy for resolution.

Using concepts and tools from the training, they are able to stay “separate” from what’s happening in front of them.  They’re able to problem solve and avoid getting caught up in the drama and intensity the other person is presenting.

Participants gain insights about themselves, too.  They learn how to “respond” rather than “react,” and how to remain calm and safe in a variety of situations.

This training, as with all my trainings, is highly interactive and goes beyond “theory” as the participants practice their new skills in “mock scenes,” or scenarios, during our time together.  I also blend humor, interaction and audience participation to make the entire training not only powerful, it’s fun, too.

This is an excellent training for those dealing with conflict at work, or with the clients and / or the people they serve.

    I’d be glad to lend a hand and be of service,

    Paul Figueroa
    Peace Enforcement LLC