Paul has been working in the Corporate and Government arena since 1998 and he enjoys creating positive changes for staff, managers and leadership in so many different industries. Paul brings his own dynamic and unique style to all his trainings. They not only achieve the changes you want, he makes the trainings and keynotes fun, interactive and positive for everyone!

His client list includes Subway, Hilton Hotels, Zee Medical, Snohomish County, the State of Washington and the State of Arizona, to name a few. His diverse training topics address and support positive changes in most every challenging area staff and leadership face.

His trainings are important, especially now, in the challenging times we find ourselves in. Post Covid, many more people are cranky, upset, angry and frustrated. His trainings now only support overall staff and leadership improvement, they support front end staff working with those in these espcially challenging times. The trainings support people to not f have their day impacted, by the choices of others.

They’re taught skills not only to positively problem solve the issue that’s in from of them. they support your staff and leadership to not take it personally.

Popular recently are:

Verbal DeEscalation and Self Trigger Identification

In this volatile and challenging time we find ourselves in, this truly is a timely and extremely effective training.

Participants learn effective concepts to help them stay calm and peaceful during challenging events, situations and interactions.  This training is highly interactive and the participants use the skills they learn in scenarios during the training.  This is so they can really use them, when, and if the need arises.

Using concepts and tools from the training, they are able to stay “separate” from what’s happening in front of them.  They’re able to problem solve and avoid getting caught up in the drama and intensity the other person is presenting.

Alleviating Compassion Fatigue and Burnout

In these times, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with your job and burn out. Paul shares ways of changing your perspective, managing time and getting you – and/or your staff – back on track.

Helping Difficult and Challenging Customers

Managing Job Stress

 In these times of doing more with less, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and burn out. Often the boundaries between work, home and client’s can blur, adding even more stress and our environment and culture can also contribute to the problem. In this training, you’ll learn concepts to enhance your management of stress and avoid burning out in today’s world

Reasonable Suspicion, and

Secrets of Positive Customer Service

You’ll learn the importance, relevance and impact of you “Attitude” and how it relates to providing customer service. Learn some “do’s” and “don’ts” along with some tips and strategies to maintain a positive attitude with most any client!

Work Life Balance