Head Start and Early Head Start



I started working with children in 1998 when I developed my Peace Enforcement Self Esteem Improvement Curriculum and started a non-profit.  Through that I taught classes in Elementary Schools and ran groups for kids after school.  A short time after I was asked to provide workshops for parents, too.  One of the amazing things about those workshops and using the same curriculum was that we – kids, me and parents – were all using the same language.

During that time I started presenting to Head Start and Early Head Start conferences and organizations providing management, leadership and staff trainings all over the United States.  I’ve had the pleasure of presenting all across the U.S., including Alaska.

I really enjoy supporting people and organizations that support children. I get to be part of helping to make the world a better place, plus, children are amazing!


Here’s what they’re saying:

“Paul’s presentation style is truthful and uplifting.  I valued learning how to think about my own triggers so that I can focus on the positive. I also learned how employees have to change from within themselves. I plan to focus on employees positive strengths.”

Sabrina Miller

Site Supervisor / Yakama Nation Head Start


“Paul was direct and tender to the topics. I valued the idea of seeing an outcome positively rather than dwelling on just the negative. Paul is moving. He cares about you, your train of thought and it’s inspiring.”

Candace Sefo

Conference Attendee / SSAEYC Regional Tapestry Conference


“Paul is relatable and had very good information because he has “been there” and “done that” for the situations he presents on.  I valued knowing that I am a leader, but I have to believe in myself now.  


Dasey Frank

Oglala Sioux Tribe Child Care / Learning Center Coordinator