All of Paul’s keynotes are customized to your unique needs.  Prior to your event, he talks with you and your stakeholders to discover what you’re wanting from the presentation, then takes his twenty years of experience and crafts your own, unique keynote.

Paul uses his unique blend of insight, humor and interaction to help your event be a huge success!  His presentations not only motivate and inspire, they’re interactive, thought provoking and fun so your audience is involved, engaged and learning!

He’s dynamic, engaging and leaves a lasting – positive impact with your audience.


The Big Picture is Amazing

Your audience discovers how to remember the big picture amidst day to day problems. They receive tools to put things in perspective and make the “challenges” their facing seem easier. This is great for audiences and groups dealing with change, where morale is a problem, where there is a negative environment or where staff are getting caught up in things that aren’t working.

The Language of Leadership

In this dynamic and powerful keynote, Paul unfolds the importance of positive communication – both with our internal dialog and what we say aloud to others. Your audience develops skills in how to use positive speech in their workplace to engage, motivate and inspire. They discover how to create the changes they want, refine and learn new skills and see how to stay optimistic in the face of adversity – empowering others along the way. They see how to cultivate and develop organizational values, create a detailed vision of where they’d like to go and discover the clear path to it!

Navigating through Change: Where is your Life Preserver?

Change happens in every organization and can lead to positive or negative results. Your audience discovers what the different responses are to change and see how we can actually choose our response rather than be a victim to the situation. They also learn the indicators of people having difficulty with change and gain new skills in how to maximize their positive potential instead. For staff, managers and anyone dealing with change!

Navigating for a Brighter Tomorrow  This is great for teams, groups and companies that have gone through quite a bit of change, yet they’re having a hard time letting go.  Paul splashes in humor, activities and themes so they can let go and see the benefits of doing so for them!  They’ll “Rekindle” their fire, let go of the past and focus forward – creating the positive changes you, and they, really want.

Okay, Now What? – Positive Leadership in a Climate of Change

This is wonderful as a closing keynote. Paul shares easy and effective tools so your participants can take all their skills, old and new, and lead in the real world. They’ll discover how to not let others influence their passion, resolve and drive amidst resistance. They learn how to stay focused on what they want, remember who they are and create the positive changes they want!

Oops, I Forgot: Reclaiming the Power and Passion of Why You Signed Up

Remember the joy you had when you first started your career? The real reason you decided to do what you do? The feeling in your heart when you knew you were on the right track? In this insightful keynote, Paul helps your audience find it again, rekindle it and get things back on track.

Rekindling the Fire and Keeping it Burning

Let’s dig a bit and uncover the real reasons people feel overwhelmed, cranky and hopeless in their work life. We’ll remove the major obstacles that get in our way and Paul will provide your audience with personalized, long term, active steps to keeping the joy. They’ll leave rejuvenated, happier and with custom answers to their burning concerns.